Today I heard a person use the phrase “It would have been curtains.”  You ever heard of that?  It basically means that it would have been over, and often refers to someone dying.  Quite an interesting concept.  There is nothing novel about it, but for some reason it has stuck with me.  As if you could be living your life’s play and then all of a sudden something could come along and close the curtains on you forever… It happens everyday.  Everyday someone’s life is over, and they didn’t even see it coming.  Maybe we should all be living life a little more like we’re on stage.  Maybe we should pretend that we have an audience, and make life as exciting and unique and interesting as we can just so the show goes on.  Then one day, as with many famous broadway theaters, our show will go dark.  And wouldn’t it be great to have people say, “Aww…you should have seen that play.  They’ll never be another one quite like that again.”


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Happy Easter

My family is not very religious, but we never turn down a chance to all get together for great meal.  I think its important to spend time together… we all forget to do that sometimes when life gets really hectic.  Today we will be headed over to mom and dad’s around 2 for a nice mid-afternoon supper.  John’s family will even be there.  So nice that we all get along and live so close!  We’ll be in good shape once we start having babies.

One of my Easter favorites is asparagus!  Check out this recipe on  You may recognize the writer. I took the pictures too…. so much fun!

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Blue Man Group

John and I are headed out tonight to see the Blue Man Group!  Sooo fun.  I will post pictures if I can get anything good.  I really need to get out more.  I haven’t been to a concert on over a year… pitiful!

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Must be getting old…

Tonight I met John, Bobby and Tim at Champs to have a few beers and watch some Tech basketball.  I left the bar just as the game started after having about 2 beers.  What’s up with that?  I kept thinking about how if i had a third one I’d feel like crap in the morning.  Dammit, I knew it would happen one day…I have developed a sense of foresight.

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Restaurant Review

I have started doing a bit of writing for a website called  Check out my review of my favorite Mexican place, Mi Hacienda.

This Saturday a recipe of mine will also be published on Stay tuned…

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Ahhh!  The days just got away from me.  This past weekend was nice and sad all at the same time.   It was nice because John and I really got our hands dirty and got a bunch of stuff ready for our garden this spring.  We will be growing it all!  From butter lettuce to soy beans…we even got 6 different varieties of tomatoes.  I never really thought much of gardening until I realized that cooking with the ingredients is just so much fun!  Nothing beats the flavor is fresh herbs and vegetables.The weekend was also very difficult because i learned that my grandmother is very ill.  To make matters even worse, she is 5,000 miles away and unable to come home until she is well enough to fly.  Talk about a complicated situation.  It’s hard to know what to do when someone you care for so deeply is hurting and you can’t be there.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

 Until next time…

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I know your house by heart…

I met a man today who lives in my grandparent’s old house.  Houses are funny places…we attach all kinds of memories to them.  I was talking to this guy and practically bursting inside.  I wanted to say, ” Hey, how is the living room doing?  Do you all still let kids ride skateboards in that house?  Oh really?  That’s too bad, because my grandparents used to push us across the floor.  Sir, does this house still fill its hot tub with cold water?  It doesn’t? Oh, well…kids love that in the summer time.  If you do decide to make a swimming pool of it, you outta feed the children fish crackers and grapes.  That’s how its done, you know.  Are those fluffy lamb’s ears still growing in the garden?  I hope you liked them, because i planted them in 1988.  It was the first time I ever truely enjoyed helping out around the house.  I could go on…

I know things change, but sometimes you just don’t notice.   I don’t know this man’s name, and frankly i don’t so much care.  What i do know  is that his deck is weathering, his driveway is a bit cracked, and his house is a glorious shade of yellow that i pray i never forget.

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Food Blog

I am thinking of starting a food blog.  I’ll still keep up with this one, but I’d love to go around reviewing restaurants in the area.  Anything for a night out!

 Stay tuned… this will be fun! 

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90 Years

Today is my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  I was watching a documentary last night about how fast the world can change, and it made me think of how much this amazing lady has actually seen. Unfortunately, Grandma really only knows it’s her birthday because my mom keeps reminding her.  Crazy things happen to the mind as it ages.  And so, we all will gather and celebrate this momentous day, and though she may not know why we’re all smiling, you can guarantee that she will be joining right along with us.   And THAT is reason enough.  Happy Birthday Grandma Mona!  Ninety years is certainly something to be proud of.

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Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage

A few days ago I realized that I weigh less than I have weighed in a few years.  That’s when i decided to slack off and reward my accomplishment by not watching what i eat so much.  Big mistake!

How is it that a few days can set you back so much!  Alas, as this blog states, I am merely a work in progress…

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