I’m in Belize right now, and it’s my 3rd wedding anniversary!  We had the perfect day planned which included lots and lots of laying by the pool.  Unfortunately the weather decided not to cooperate… No worries though.  We started the day with a wonderful breakfast …I had banana pancakes made with coconut milk, and john some sort of delicious Belizian syle breakfast.  After that we headed down the bumpy road in our golf cart only to spend most of the afternoon holed up at a bar with an outdoor bowling alley and a pool to ride out the storm.  On our way to the drinking hole, we saw 3 crocodiles!  I am in an internet cafe now, and will write so much more when I return.

This is a land of princes and paupers….lavish resprts right next to tiny run down shacks….the people here are really beautiful though.  More when I return…


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The Internet is for Stalkers…

I just installled google analytics on my food blog, and wow!  I have worked with google analytics some, but not quite as in depth as this!  Did you know that I can see the exact amount of time people spend on my web page, as well as the exact town that they are living in, and the exact # of pages they have looked on.  I can even see where they work if they logged in via their servers on the job.  Hilarious!  Who works at Joel Bieber, by the way? I want an autograph…lol

Thanks for all of the support…I love that I can see all my peeps from across the country are logging in and reading!

Things will be quiet here for a little while…I have lots and lots of coronas to drink, fish to catch, and hammock napping to do.  Belize, here I come.

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Follow the Cook

Hey all.  I am excited and pleased to announce that my new cooking blog went up yesterday!  There will be some tweaks in the coming months, but I was tired of waiting for everything to be perfect and decided to just go ahead and launch.

I hope you enjoy.  Send this link around to all of your friends and family, or anyone who enjoys cooking.  I will be posting two recipes a week.  Right now there is a divine fresh strawberry daiquiri recipe on the site.  Yummo!

Here goes nothin –

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It’s Monday, and instead of the usual hint of dread that the week has started, I am feeling a great sense of relief.  A bit of normalcy will be greatly appreciated.

I feel like this:

Just trying to ride out the week, then we’re all headed off to Belize to stay here for a much needed respite.

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What a weekend…  We have family in town to attend the funeral, and have all been together for the past few days.  It is amazing,the power of having people around you when something terrible happens.  There truly is strength in numbers no matter how awful the circumstances.

Today is Father’s Day.  As my parents have been running around all weekend helping to get things together for the funeral, I will be providing lunch for everyone this afternoon.  Our plan is to grill out by the pool, and just relax.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, its just sometimes hard to see…


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A deep sadness…

I always grew up fearing the middle of the night phone call…No one ever told me about the ones that come at first daylight.  The ones where someone waited just long enough so as to not completely disturb you at some crazy hour of the night.  The ones where there is no urgency, just a deep and horrible sadness.  What’s done is truly finished, and there is nothing that anyone can do to change anything.

Today, just after 7am I found out that a very dear family member passed away.  He wasn’t even 21 years old.  Rest in peace, Nathan.  The world will truly miss you.

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An interesting Change

I seem to be reflecting often on the dramatic changes in my life over the past few months.  Here I am at 3:15 in the afternoon pondering if I will be making bread from scratch to have with dinner, or if I will go for an exercise in my parent’s swimming pool.  It seems I have so much time on my hands these days.  How glamorous I feel!  I am enjoying this slower pace in life.  More time with my husband, more time to straighten the house, talk with girlfriends, blog…

I wonder if anyone took pity on me this morning as I was walking around my jobsite picking up trash in the heat?  I wonder if anyone thought, “Poor girl…I am so glad I have a nice air conditioned office to work in.”  It makes me giggle to think of this.

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Just a Couple of Foodies on a Sunday Afternoon

Snap!  Snap, Snap!

John and I just prepped about 4 pounds of green beans. I saw some great looking ones at a road side stand, from Hanover today, and couldn’t resist the urge to stock up.  We saw Alton Brown make a gourmet version of green bean casserole the other day that looked amazing.  Sitting there in the dining room barely speaking, just digging into our food work makes me happy.  We are about to have a “date night” which will consist of freshly made mojitos enjoyed while making fresh pasta topped with home grown oregano, and the first Hanover tomatoes of the season.  We will also be indulging in freshly made french bread that John made this afternoon, and a ratatouille made up of a couple of local squashes we are experimenting with.  One of them is an Indian variety, and the other looks like a tiny green space ship!  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Off to get dolled up, as in get myself out of this stained T-Shirt.

Enjoy your evening!

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Super Nanny

I just saw the saddest thing on super nanny!  I know, I know… it’s pretty much trash TV, but sometimes you just get hooked on something, and its all downhill from there.

This week, some crazy family with 5 kids and two working parents was all screwed up.  Picture 2 teenage girls and three little ones all under the age of five.  Well, the parents had the girls homeschooling so that they could babysit the rest of the family while mom and dad went to work.  The girls were expected to do all of the chores, take care of the babies, and get good grades.  How is that possible?  Inevitably they were flunking out terribly, and both had a very low self esteem because of it.  Some parents just don’t get it.  I can only hope that one day I can be proud of the decisions I make with my children….

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