No sun in Colorado

I landed today in Colorado Springs.  It was one of those landings where you aren’t sure how far you are off the ground because the clouds are so thick.  The pilot definitely had to use instruments only today.

I am happy to be here, but bummed about the weather.  I’m optimistic tomorrow will be better though.  For now, it’s time for me to play the day away in the Double Eagle Casino.


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Some Time Away…

As the week winds down, I am preparing to take a trip out to Colorado to see my sister… Among the things are on my mind are:

-How I already miss my husband, even though we have probably been spending a little too much time together…

-How I am so damned excited to see my sister, and the beautiful property she has in the mountains, but I am also scared that I will get altitude sickness.  Tonight I will sleep here in Richmond at 150 feet above sea level.  Tomorrow I will sleep at almost 9000 feet above sea level.  Holy Shizzle!

– How I really hope no one snores. I will be sleeping 2 nights in a trailer with my sisiter, her husband, his father in law, and 2 dogs.  Forgive me guys, but I am a little worried about these sleeping arrangements!  You can make fun of me later. 

– How I will spend my day tagging along at work with Casey tomorrow, and filling my time with 2 dollar blackjack at the Casino in Cripple Creek Colorado.  Casey has to work all day tomorrow, but she has the coolest job ever.  She gets to give people money when they win it at the casino…everyone must love her!  Accept for the losers of course.

I’ll post some pictures when I get back, plus new ones of the house.

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We’ve only just begun…

Most people move into a house and stay awhile… Not us, we’ve decided to fly the coup here on Buford road and start out on what will be the first of many home building experiences over our lifetime.  Why you ask?  Because we’re crazy.  No really, truth be told, we have realized that we have all of the tools necessary to successfully undertake the contracting of our own house.  We have resources out the kazoo…In my phone I have 4 personal contacts ( builders) who I can call at any moment and trouble shoot with.  These are men that have been in the field of home building for 25 years, or more!  As I myself learn the business I am becoming more comfortable with the process of building a home, thus taking on my own seems fairly natural. 

So now that you’ve heard the why, it’s time for a few pictures.  You can see how the lot has progressed over the past few days!  I wish we didn’t have to take so many trees down, but because of the grading of the lot most of them had to go.  Sad, really…

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Feeling Entrepreneurial

Today has been a bit of a slow Monday, and has gotten me thinking… Do you ever feel like creating something?  I do… I often have these bouts of curiosity and all of the ideas usually are around making money.  You see, I come from a long line of entrepreneurs.  My grandfather tried everything from chinchilla farming to flipping houses.  He even pondered a frozen pizza line Called “Mama Curnelli’s” ( after my maiden name of Curnow.)  My dad is also in business for himself, and well, I guess now I am too. 

Arthur Homes inc. came to fruition about 2 months ago as a way to get me involved in the family’s development and real estate affairs.  Don’t ask me to build you a home yet, but in a year, I will have three houses under my belt, and hey…I guess that’s not too bad.

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