We’ve only just begun…

Most people move into a house and stay awhile… Not us, we’ve decided to fly the coup here on Buford road and start out on what will be the first of many home building experiences over our lifetime.  Why you ask?  Because we’re crazy.  No really, truth be told, we have realized that we have all of the tools necessary to successfully undertake the contracting of our own house.  We have resources out the kazoo…In my phone I have 4 personal contacts ( builders) who I can call at any moment and trouble shoot with.  These are men that have been in the field of home building for 25 years, or more!  As I myself learn the business I am becoming more comfortable with the process of building a home, thus taking on my own seems fairly natural. 

So now that you’ve heard the why, it’s time for a few pictures.  You can see how the lot has progressed over the past few days!  I wish we didn’t have to take so many trees down, but because of the grading of the lot most of them had to go.  Sad, really…


August 14, 2008. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Kelly replied:

    Think you’ll be expanding to PA? Can you build a house for the Hermans??? Can’t wait to see ya!!

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