Some Time Away…

As the week winds down, I am preparing to take a trip out to Colorado to see my sister… Among the things are on my mind are:

-How I already miss my husband, even though we have probably been spending a little too much time together…

-How I am so damned excited to see my sister, and the beautiful property she has in the mountains, but I am also scared that I will get altitude sickness.  Tonight I will sleep here in Richmond at 150 feet above sea level.  Tomorrow I will sleep at almost 9000 feet above sea level.  Holy Shizzle!

– How I really hope no one snores. I will be sleeping 2 nights in a trailer with my sisiter, her husband, his father in law, and 2 dogs.  Forgive me guys, but I am a little worried about these sleeping arrangements!  You can make fun of me later. 

– How I will spend my day tagging along at work with Casey tomorrow, and filling my time with 2 dollar blackjack at the Casino in Cripple Creek Colorado.  Casey has to work all day tomorrow, but she has the coolest job ever.  She gets to give people money when they win it at the casino…everyone must love her!  Accept for the losers of course.

I’ll post some pictures when I get back, plus new ones of the house.


August 16, 2008. Uncategorized.

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