What a weekend…  We have family in town to attend the funeral, and have all been together for the past few days.  It is amazing,the power of having people around you when something terrible happens.  There truly is strength in numbers no matter how awful the circumstances.

Today is Father’s Day.  As my parents have been running around all weekend helping to get things together for the funeral, I will be providing lunch for everyone this afternoon.  Our plan is to grill out by the pool, and just relax.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, its just sometimes hard to see…



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A deep sadness…

I always grew up fearing the middle of the night phone call…No one ever told me about the ones that come at first daylight.  The ones where someone waited just long enough so as to not completely disturb you at some crazy hour of the night.  The ones where there is no urgency, just a deep and horrible sadness.  What’s done is truly finished, and there is nothing that anyone can do to change anything.

Today, just after 7am I found out that a very dear family member passed away.  He wasn’t even 21 years old.  Rest in peace, Nathan.  The world will truly miss you.

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An interesting Change

I seem to be reflecting often on the dramatic changes in my life over the past few months.  Here I am at 3:15 in the afternoon pondering if I will be making bread from scratch to have with dinner, or if I will go for an exercise in my parent’s swimming pool.  It seems I have so much time on my hands these days.  How glamorous I feel!  I am enjoying this slower pace in life.  More time with my husband, more time to straighten the house, talk with girlfriends, blog…

I wonder if anyone took pity on me this morning as I was walking around my jobsite picking up trash in the heat?  I wonder if anyone thought, “Poor girl…I am so glad I have a nice air conditioned office to work in.”  It makes me giggle to think of this.

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Just a Couple of Foodies on a Sunday Afternoon

Snap!  Snap, Snap!

John and I just prepped about 4 pounds of green beans. I saw some great looking ones at a road side stand, from Hanover today, and couldn’t resist the urge to stock up.  We saw Alton Brown make a gourmet version of green bean casserole the other day that looked amazing.  Sitting there in the dining room barely speaking, just digging into our food work makes me happy.  We are about to have a “date night” which will consist of freshly made mojitos enjoyed while making fresh pasta topped with home grown oregano, and the first Hanover tomatoes of the season.  We will also be indulging in freshly made french bread that John made this afternoon, and a ratatouille made up of a couple of local squashes we are experimenting with.  One of them is an Indian variety, and the other looks like a tiny green space ship!  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Off to get dolled up, as in get myself out of this stained T-Shirt.

Enjoy your evening!

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Super Nanny

I just saw the saddest thing on super nanny!  I know, I know… it’s pretty much trash TV, but sometimes you just get hooked on something, and its all downhill from there.

This week, some crazy family with 5 kids and two working parents was all screwed up.  Picture 2 teenage girls and three little ones all under the age of five.  Well, the parents had the girls homeschooling so that they could babysit the rest of the family while mom and dad went to work.  The girls were expected to do all of the chores, take care of the babies, and get good grades.  How is that possible?  Inevitably they were flunking out terribly, and both had a very low self esteem because of it.  Some parents just don’t get it.  I can only hope that one day I can be proud of the decisions I make with my children….

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Oh the things I can do…or make

Tonight I spent my evening building a trash pit.  Glamorous, eh?  A twelve by twelve pit made by driving stakes into the ground, wrapping them in day-glow orange safety fence, and tying the ends with string.  As with most projects not in my normal daily routine, this took over twice as long as anticipated, and was quite a physical workout.  John could have done it in 15 minutes, but it took me an hour.  I am proud to say I did it myself on my own with my own ingenuity.  Big deal? Nope….but it always feels good to accomplish something, no matter how small it may be, that you normally wouldn’t have had to do.

Other things in the making these days include our own pasta, bread, and even vegetables in the garden.  Though I must admit that the plants probably did most of the work there.  

See below for a picture of the house I am “making.” 

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It’s Rehearsal Time!

Wow, what a week!  After a 9 hour drive with John and Bob on Tuesday, we have been running full speed ever since, enjoying time with family and helping to decorate for the wedding.  Mom and I put together a beautiful looking tropically themed room for Casey’s rehearsal dinner this evening.  We used shells, sand and simple white candles.  It will be wonderful.  All of the family is getting into town today, and this eveing we will have a short rehearsal at the church just to make sure we all know where to stand and what to do…I hear flasks may be involved, but as long as we all remember where to stand and what to do, we’ll be good to to go. 

Off to get my hair did, and grab a glass of wine before the night begins.  I love being wiuth family at such a beautiful time! (more…)

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Sunday Sunday Sunday…

My sister is getting married next weekend!

Today is a day for preparation.  On Tuesday I will hit the road with my brother, and my husband for a glorious 9 hour drive to Jacksonville, Florida. I don’t think I have driven for 9 hours in years!  That means today is all about making sure I have everything I need for the trip.  Packing can be a bit daunting, but a little foresight can make the process much much less painful.  This afternoon will be about shoes, and earings, and washing clothes and making sure John has what he needs for the trip. He’s not so much into clothes, and most anytime there is a special occasion that requires a certain type of dress, the poor guy is in trouble.

I’m also going to try and pack us some homemade goodies for the trip.  No sense in spending money on a bunch of junk from Mcdonald’s.  I’m thinking maybe some homemade cookies and sandwiches with homemade bread.  Yummo!

Maybe I’ll try and write from the road.  If not, I will be sure to post pics of Florida once we are there!

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The Slow Lane

Today I came to the realization that I have been living my life a bit faster than I wanted to.  Maybe this has happened because of what I am reading these days.  The book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbra Kingslover and her family is changing the way I not only think about food, but the way I think about life.  The book is about a family who challenged themselves to eat only foods that they could grow, make (bread cheese, etc.) or procure from local vendors.  Quite an interesting concept, and foreign to so many of us these days.  John and I are reading the book together.  It’s the first time we have both been so into something at the same time.  Hooray!

I am looking to try and start taking more time to enjoy the everyday simple pleasures of living.  Keeping my house clean, working in the garden, taking a nap with my kitties, community service, preparing food from scratch…. all things that I struggled with on my old 9-5 schedule.  Can I quit the rat race? Nah….no one truly can, but I can sure try to slow down a bit and live for the good of myself and my family.

Today, for example, I made bread from scratch, and we had a delicious salad of local grown lettuces and herbs for dinner.  After dinner, we decided we wanted to make our own pasta, and made a mad dash at 8:45 PM to Williams Sonoma and snatched up a simple pasta machine.  Then we headed over to Ukrops and perused the local food selections there.  We even stumbled upon a local made raspberry sorbet!  What a treat. 🙂  Now John is in the kitchen making pasta for our dinner tomorrow.  Life is good!

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What’s the craziest thing your mother ever did for you?

Someone asked me that question today, and I couldn’t think of an answer.  I still can’t think of one.  I guess my own momma just isn’t that crazy…  I wish they would have asked me what the sweetest thing my mother ever did was, or the bravest.  Hell, my relationship with mom started with 36 hours of labor all culminatingg in a glorious scalpel to stomach emergency that left her with one hell of a scar, and set her up for 2 more C sections as a result.  I think things have changed now, and just because they had to cut you once doesn’t mean that your subsequent pregnancies will necessarily have to result in cesarean operations. 

Anyways, that’s one hell of a way to start a relationship…and yet she still loved me.  She loved me through some sort of fun little disorder that some babies have where you vomit all the time.  They call it spitting up,  but I am sure it’s every bit as disgusting as throwing up.  She loved me through potty training, puberty, and a nasty little phase I had where kussing was the cool thing to do, and getting along with your mother was not.  She scolded me when I yelled at her, and tried her damndest to teach me to drive.  Dad ended up having to take over because I was that bad, and Mom’s poor nerves were just about shot.  She wore the same clothes for what must have been 10 years just so that I could have new ones from time to time, and never complained about having to shop at K Mart, or the Goodwill.  Come to think of it, she still loves a good thrift store with all of its untold treasures. And I don’t remember us specifically spending time learning the intricacies of cooking,  but we sure did make a lot of chocolate chip cookies, and play dough.  And Ooblec.  Later, I was allowed to make just about anything I wanted once I proved that I could handle a knife, and control a burner or oven. And now, even though we rarely trade recipes, my cooking style is eerily similar to that of my Mother’s… funny how things turn out. They say that a relationship between a girl and her Mother can be tricky, and I agree.  But when I stop to think about all of the things my Mom has done for me, I have to just sit back, smile and ask the man up stairs what exactly it was I did to get so lucky.

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